Your success is our reward!

Reliable Partnership

Partnership and trust are the notions we value the most. Being your trusted partner is our ultimate goal, and we’ll make every effort to achieve it.
We have far-reaching expertise in helping production teams from LSPs of all shapes and sizes from various countries to overcome their challenges, find the solutions best-suited to their needs and to ensure end-clients’ complete satisfaction.

Your success is our reward!

Our People are Your People

Our experienced team is here to listen to and analyse your needs before taking appropriate action to provide you with the best possible solution. Mutual understanding between LSPs’ project managers as they work on both sides of a project is crucial. As fellow language industry experts, we speak the same language, understand your complex needs and follow your instructions to the letter. We are here to work as an extension of your team and facilitate your everyday tasks by taking them off your plate. 

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Adaptability & Availability

Language services enable communication, open doors to new markets and even resolve conflicts. This means that sometimes language services are needed as a matter of urgency, as clients require faster deliveries or the details of a project, such as content, terminology or instructions, to be altered at short notice. 

We are used to this aspect of the industry and know how to adapt accordingly thanks to a wealth of experience in handling large, complex and urgent projects, and use of various language technologies. 


Collaboration on Quality

Quality really matters! However, perception of quality may differ from one client to another depending on the purpose for which translated material is used.

We believe that quality is built on three pillars:

  • a good understanding of the client’s needs
  • well-defined and clear processes that enable the team to work smoothly
  • careful selection of the most suitable resources (people and tools) for a given project.

Therefore, as there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to quality, clearly identified and communicated needs help to build better mutual understanding. The more clarity there is, the better suited our service will be to your project.

Certification under two international standards, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, means our procedures and quality metrics are up to date, and we are following the best recognised industry practices. Our experience in the field means that we can adapt to your requirements and market changes.

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Complete Confidentiality

We’re well aware of the importance that LSPs and their clients place on data security and confidentiality. Rest assured we take it very seriously, and all of our in-house staff and external resources are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. We also use a reliable TMS system to ensure that file transfers are entirely secure.


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What our clients have to say

“We have been working with Diskusija since 2016 and they quickly became one of our most valued business partners. Not only the quality of their translations but also their highly dedicated project managers have made them our favourite Baltic vendor. In short, we love working with Diskusija.”

Sandrine Elkmann

Vendor Manager 
World Translation A/S, Danmark

What our clients have to say

“Diskusija has been collaborating with Capita TI since 2006. Always willing to help and join forces for a successful outcome, over the years they have become a trusted and reliable partner for us. We are pleased with the quality of their service and the way they conduct business with us. We look forward to working with Diskusija for many more years to come.”

Margarita García-Velasco

Vendor Manager
Capita Translation and Interpreting, United Kingdom

What our clients have to say

“Reliable agency with proactive attitude, quick turnaround time and very responsive team.” 

Diego Cresceri

Founder and CEO
Creative Words, Italy

What our clients have to say

“We have been working with Diskusija since 2013 and we are very happy with both the translations and service they provide. They are efficient and professional and the staff is always very polite and helpful.”

Michelle Renno
Translations Manager
Cicero Translations, United Kingdom

What our clients have to say

“Diskusija has been a trusted partner to Språkbolaget for many years and has helped us with deliveries in several languages, often with short deadlines. We appreciate their always swift response, professional approach and excellent quality. We can highly recommend them as a language provider.”

Åsa Hesslefors

Head of Technology & Development
Språkbolaget, Sweden

What our clients have to say

“Having worked together since 2016, DISKUSIJA has provided us with the translation of various documentation types into numerous language combinations. We have come to know DISKUSIJA as an honest, dependable and hard-working translation partner. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to work with them.”

Nicole Weiss

Quotation and Vendor Management
Kocarek GmbH, Germany

What our clients have to say

“Nous travaillons régulièrement avec l’agence Diskusija pour tous nos besoins de traductions vers les langues des Pays de l’Europe de l’Est et sommes entièrement satisfaits des prestations, pour la qualité, les délais et la gestion de nos projets.”

Sophie Dubois

Assistante commercial et chef de projets
Hancock Hutton Langue Services, Bordeaux, France

What our clients have to say

“Professional and reliable cooperation. We are very satisfied with the quality of the translations provided by Diskusija.”

Lingoking Gmbh, Germany

What our clients have to say

“Diskusija has proved to be reliable, always keeping deadlines and following instructions faithfully. We are glad to have Diskusija as a LSP and can recommend them for any future assignment in their fields.”

A leading translation company in Scandinavia

What our clients have to say

“We have been able to rely upon Diskusija as a language provider for a number of years. Their responsiveness and enthusiasm for our work has impressed us immensely, making them our sole supplier for CEE languages.”

Technical Language services company based in United Kingdom

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Meet Central Europe 2023

The MCE conference, an event focused on Central and Eastern Europe but attracting attendees from all around the world, returns this autumn to Budapest, where the inaugural Meet Central Europe conference happened five years ago.It’s one of the largest events in the region gathering together all language industry players […]

Budapest, Hungary
17-19 October 2023
Meet Central Europe 2023