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Diskusija - an ISO Certified Company

In 2016, Diskusija became certified under two ISO standards: the most popular quality management standard - ISO 9001:2015, and the translation services standard - ISO 17100:2015, which is specific to our industry. Both certifications have been renewed successfully ever since.

Having worked in the industry for decades, we always had a range of clearly defined processes in place; however, the implementation of these standards allowed us the opportunity to revisit our processes and improve upon them where possible. And of course, improving is a constant process required by the standards themselves and embedded in our company culture! 

As we continue our journey, tackling new challenges and emerging demand for post-editing service, it was very natural to yet again turn to our language industry standard, resulting in the achievement of ISO 18587:2017 certificate in 2022.

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We’re All About Quality