Terms & Conditions

1. All the terms and conditions as specified below shall be deemed accepted with no restrictions or reservations after the Customer has submitted an order, confirmed our offer or accepted our invoice. In the absence of any written agreement confirmed by the signature of Diskusija, the present Terms and Conditions shall apply.

2. The Customer shall not cancel an order confirmed (by own signature on the order form, estimate or agreement, by e-mail or telephone), or amend the same in the process of fulfilment thereof, without the written consent of Diskusija. Upon cancellation or amendment of an order, the Customer shall pay Diskusija for the completed part of the order according to the estimations made by Diskusija.

3. The translation jobs completed by Diskusija shall be deemed definitively accepted by the Customer after five days from the date of delivery thereof to the Customer. All complaints as to the quality of the job shall be submitted within the above period and shall be properly substantiated. Diskusija shall analyse the complaints submitted by the Customer and decide as to their validity. Any deficiencies in any part of the job delivered, even when recorded, shall not entitle the Customer to refuse to accept the entire job.

4. The liability of Diskusija for any possible consequences arising from the established translation, editing, localization, layout or any other errors related to the services provided shall be limited to the amount of the agreed price for the order.

5. Any complaints concerning the accuracy of the invoices issued by Diskusija shall be submitted within 10 days from the date of issue of the invoice, or otherwise the invoice shall be deemed accepted. A Customer shall have no right to unilaterally suspend payment for jobs completed by Diskusija. In all cases the Customer shall be obliged to pay the amount due for any services or part thereof that were unreasonably contested. In the event of any dispute over services rendered, Diskusija and the Customer shall seek to find a mutually acceptable, fair and amicable solution.

6. Diskusija shall submit electronic invoices to the Customer. Where the Customer prefers to receive a hard copy of the invoice, the Customer shall be requested to notify Diskusija thereof in writing. The Customer shall not be allowed to refuse acceptance and payment of an invoice on the basis that the Customer has not received the original copy of the invoice where the Customer has failed to request such in due time.

7. Diskusija shall fully guarantee the confidentiality of documents provided by the Customer. However, this guarantee shall not apply in the case of transmission of texts by electronic mail for any possible disclosure or loss of information in the course of transmission, or the delivery of mail to the wrong addressee, which is beyond the control of Diskusija.

8. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the responsibility for, and the risk related to the shipment of documents and materials shall be assumed by the Customer. The Customer shall assume the risk from the moment of departure of the documents or materials from the premises of Diskusija. In no case shall Diskusija be held responsible for any damage incurred in the process of transportation of materials or documents even if it has arranged transportation for the benefit of the Customer. In the case of express delivery and/or for the purpose of transportation of confidential documents, Diskusija recommends that the Customer use special delivery services.

9. The Customer undertakes to refrain from inducing the staff and freelancers of Diskusija to give up their employment with Diskusija, and/or from enticing them with job offers, employing them or providing them with work in the capacity of freelancers.

10. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer shall agree with deviations in the volumes of the text or any semantic changes caused by professional translation practice with a view to avoiding any word-for-word translation.

11. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the copyrights in respect of all translations, paintings, illustrations, pictures, models, compositions, and in general, of all works or texts produced or translated by Diskusija shall be owned exclusively by the authors. The copyrights as referred to above shall be transferred to the Customer only upon full payment thereby for the services provided.

12. All invoices shall be paid by the Customer within the term as agreed in relation to placing the order or as indicated in the invoice. In respect of any amount not paid within the period agreed, the Customer may be charged default interest of 0.1 percent from the amount defaulted for each day past due. Should the Customer fail to pay the invoice, Diskusija shall become entitled to immediately request payment of the full amount according to all invoices outstanding whose payment term has not yet fallen due.